DSpace: Training

Prosentient Systems offers two DSpace training courses:

  • DSpace administration training 
  • Full DSpace technical training
DSpace Administration Training (1/2 day)

This 1/2 day course typically covers:

  • DSpace submissions

  • DSpace curation and approval workflows

  • DSpace administration 

Full DSpace Technical Training (5 days)

Day 1:  DSpace installation and configuration

  • Build and document DSpace installation on a Debian virtual device
  • Configure DSpace services - JSPUI, XMLUI, OAI, SOLR, API
  • Discussion on JSPUI vs XMLUI and customisation of DSpace user interface
  • User authentication options
  • Review of major configuration items for the build and the user interface

Day 2: Metadata design workshop and user interface design

  • Review metadata requirements
  • Review import functions
  • Configure metadata in DSpace input forms
  • Configure metadata in the user interface (XSL or JSPUI)
  • User interface design considerations

Day 3: Live server setup   (dependant on remote access being available)

  • Use the documentation from Day 1 workshop to install dspace at SICHE
  • Configuration DSpace
  • Configure collections & communities
  • Configure submission forms
  • Review and discussion
  • Go Live

Day 4:  DSpace administration training

  • Building Communities & Collections in DSpace
  • Submission form customisation (input-forms.xml)
  • Membership, Subscription and Submission in DSpace
  • Searching DSpace
  • DSpace Administration: E-People, Group & Authorization Policies, and License
  • Collection security - private and public collections and different levels of visibility
  • Editing Collections & Working with the Metadata Registry
  • Building an IR of Scholarly Publications
  • OAI harvesting and DSpace collection backup

Day 5:  Final review and questions

  • Installation and technical questions and follow up
  • DSpace administration
  • API and other methods of integration with other systems