DSpace: Pricing

The licensing flexibility of open source means that we can provide DSpace in a variety of different ways to suite your needs and requirements: we can host for you, we can provide dedicated hosting or a shared hosting model,  we can install on your servers or in  an Azure or Amazon web server environment that you provide.   The costs vary according to the hosting model selected.  Being open source, there is no lock-in to the platform over time.

Our GST inclusive prices for setting up a hosted DSpace Repository are:

Once-off costs
Site set-up and configuration for your instance of DSpace, with default settings$3000
Recurrent costs

DSpace 7 and DSpace 7 CRIS Annual Hosting fee.  CRIS has a full Researcher/Department/Funding model built in, so you can use it to fully profile the institutional researchers, publications and relationships.   We also supply standard DSpace, which is a publication repository only. The setup of DSpace CRIS is more expensive, because the modelling and confirmation of the relationships is complex.  The results can be very worthwhile.  Once you have DSpace, you have an institutional repository which you can use for any purpose for keeping/managing resources, both open access and closed access.




DSpace 6 annual hosting fee (note DSpace 6 will continue to be supported by Prosentient but is now a legacy system).  Newly joining libraries will be implemented in DSpace7.


AWS or Azure cloud hosting.  Typical costs (dependent on the level of custom institutional integration and support and method of cloud deployment)




Annual hosting in our data centre includes up to 20GB  storage and is designed for document repositories.   

Additional storage can be purchased at a fee of $900 per additional 10GB increment per annum

For larger collections or for collections containing video or audio content we can provide document storage on Amazon Web Services S3 object storage or Wasabi Object storage. 

AWS option (additional annual fee + monthly fee)
 In addition to the annual fee if the AWS usage fees exceed $75 in a month, you will be charged the excess amount - this can happen when your site has a very large number of downloads)  


Wasabi option (additional annual fee - per terrabyte)






per TB

per TB


Optional services
Persistent URLs through handle.net for 5 years (handle.net fees) including registration fee of $USD50$USD300
Bulk ingestion of data volumes/data sources$2300
Migration to CRIS v7 from DSpace v6$2200

Half day training - core administrative functions

One day training

In person training outside Sydney will incur travel and accommodation costs.



Ad-hoc development and customisation (per hour)$220
Indicative cost of complex (highly branded) customisation and/or integration$10,000

DSpace is an open source system, meaning the software is free to anyone to download, install and use. However, we offer a fully hosted services platform for DSpace to solve the practical problems organisations have in actually deploying the DSpace repository. 

The licensing flexibility of open source means that we can provide Koha in a variety of different ways to suite your needs and requirements.  The pricing above is for our Ultimo data center.  We can also install and support DSpace:

  • on your own servers
  • on Amazon Web Servers in the Sydney, Singapore and other data centres
  • on Microsoft Azure and other cloud platforms.

If you require more custom configurations, such as changes to the interface, additional metadata, customised workflow or additional integration, we can undertake this work at our usual customisation and integration hourly rate. This includes workshopping requirements with the client, designing, prototyping, testing and implementing.

We recommend utilising handle.net's services for one-off registration for persistent URL's. This leaves the option of eventually running DSpace internally in your own institution open, without having to adjust any links to your documents.