Koha: Pricing

Our GST inclusive prices of full managed hosting of your library management system with Koha are:

Once-off costs
Website setup $550
Configuration (banner, styles, business rules)$1100
Recurrent costs
Annual hosting fee per library or branch (paid quarterly or annually) in our Australian or European multi-tenanted Koha cloud server.$2150

Large Electronic assets

Where you have digital assets stored stored in Koha [excluding covers/patron images] > 1gb/200 assets

Additional annual fee:

AWS storage option

Wasabi storage option





Optional Services
Catalogue data conversion from a MARC source (as a guideline) $600
Catalogue data conversion from a non-MARC source (as a guideline) $2200
Patron data conversion from a spreadsheet or data sourcetypically free
Ad-hoc customisation and development$200/hour
Single-signon setup (configuration and coordination with your IT)$990
Single-signon server (Keycloak) integrated with your Koha and other services such as Open Athens$300/annum


We offer training online or onsite.  Where onsite training for customer premises is outside Sydney travel and accommodation fees will also apply.

$1100 per half day module. 

$2200 per day

In determining our pricing, a key objective is to keep the basic cost of ownership as low as possible by not charging clients for services which they may not require.

If you are migrating an existing catalogue, Koha can import from MARC format records or other sources, such as a a spreadsheet or a tagged export file. You are welcome to undertake this task yourself, bearing in mind that a certain amount of data cleaning and remapping of fields is necessary to ensure a good result. Alternatively, you can commission us to do the data conversion.  We will use our tools and experience to merge different data sources and avoid issues such as duplication of bibliographic items in the catalogue. Migration of your existing patrons data is a similar story but less complicated than migrating the catalogue.

When our clients require a new feature we will often implement it without charge if it is of general interest to the community and not an inordinate amount of work.   

Prosentient Systems provides a low cost multi-tenanted Koha hosting service in our Australian or European data centres.   We can also provide dedicated cloud hosting  in AWS or Azure or on the client supplied servers.  Annual service costs will be quoted according to the hosting methodology chosen.   In our multi-tenanted architecture you will have a dedicated website and database on a shared underlying server.