Koha: Training

Prosentient Systems currently offers a range of Koha training courses, which can be tailored to customer requirements. Training is generally conducted at our offices or at the customer's own training facilities. 

Koha Configuration (1/2 day)

A hands-on, 1/2 day workshop where clients make preliminary decisions on the Library's desired settings, covering:

  • Basic parameters
  • Patrons & circulation parameters
  • Global system preferencest
  • Catalog configuration
  • Acquisition parameters
  • Z39.50, Calendar and News settings
Koha Installation (4 days)

Day 1

Koha installation in Debian and other environments: Debian overview and Koha overview, Core Linux commands for Koha management, Sample Koha installation and Koha folder structure and management commands.

Day 2

Detailed Koha installation exercise: Installing and updating CPAN, Koha install, Zebra and YAZ install, Koha service configuration and apache, Zebra configuration and Scheduled tasks.

Day 3

Data conversion and application configuration: Koha import methods and data conversion - Bibliographic data and patron data, Koha application configuration, Key system preferences and Core setup- branches, lending rules, patron configuration.

Day 4

Koha web site feature management and content management: Installation recap, Koha web content management CSS customisation,  UI features and settings, UI customisation using JQuery and Functional overview & training resources, circulation, reserves and cataloging.

Koha Essentials (1/2 modules)

Koha Essentials consists of half-day modules in Koha management, conducted face to face, or by webinar or Skype. It provides the skills to manage Koha for searching, cataloging and patron management. Modules can be grouped together in one or two day training programs. The Koha Essentials modules are:

  • OPAC and circulation and patron management
  • Content management
  • Reporting
  • Cataloguing
  • Authorities and Authorized Values
  • Acquisitions
  • Serials management
  • Advanced lesson: Koha service layers
Koha Master Course (weekly 2.5 hour seminars over 4 weeks)

Week 1

Managing the OPAC: Web content management, system preferences tricks and library guides

Week 2

Managing client communication: Designing html emails, SMS services, new title alerting services, new serial alerting services

Week 3

Report design and Koha table structure: Detailed access to information in the Koha database

Week 4

Koha service layers: OAI, API, Open search and others

A large number of excellent online tutorials on Koha features which may be helpful to library staff using the Koha Staff Client have been posted on Youtube. Some of these tutorials are also aimed at patrons using the OPAC.