HOARDS (Hybrid Open Access and Resource Discovery System) is our discovery platform.  The discovery platform that can harvest library collections and search for resources in other document sources (such as PubMed).  It can index physical (book etc), electronic and article content.  Participating libraries will be able to upload their collection to the HOARDS discovery services. 

The discovery services can index your own collection and other resources.  It has an integrated AI agent that can provide progressively more fine-tuned recommendations based on global usage analytics.

HOARDS is a scalable service capable of indexing content across many different sources.  A flexible WordPress plugin allows you to provide an embedded discovery system within your own website, fully configurable with your own theme.

HOARDS brings our skills in library systems and open access to deliver a new product that can bring together through hybrid combinations of open access, closed access, harvesting and other means a single view of content relevant to customers that provides a combination of immediate free or pay-per-view access to resources.

Prosentient Systems provides information resources to small-to-mid sized research and government agencies. Current discovery systems are owned by large commercial enterprises.  With the growth in open access and the wide range of search platforms such as PubMed, JSTore and others as well as increasing integration of Open Access Systems, we see an opportunity to provide an innovative discovery platform for our clients who would otherwise be unable to access these resources due to cost barriers.

We have completed our infrastructure for large-scale storage of citational, reference and other resources around:

  • The highly scalable Elastic Search Platform
  • Object storage
  • AI integrated with analytics.