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GratisNet/GLASS/Glinn/QShare/Tranzinfo/ALIES/LILLI/Q-LILLI email delivery

Email address and server trusts

The inter-library loans requests and List serve emails generated from GratisNet/GLASS/Glinn/QShare/Tranzinfo/ALIES/LILLI/Q-LILLI come from the Prosentient Sysetms mail server.

The from addresses for interlibrary loans are:

documentdelivery@domainname  eg, etc.

Listserve emails come from the domain eg

The system generates a range of client emails on behalf of your organisation.  Because they are quite short, but sometimes frequent emails it is not uncommon for corporate mail servers to block these emails.  In this case it may be necessary to either

(1) to get the email from addresses or subject lines registered as trusted email sources; or

(2) to register Prosentient's mail server as a trusted email source for your corporate internal emails. Ask your IT department to make the Koha server (primary IP address and secondary IP address and domain name a trusted mail source or for the specific email addresses for your system.





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