DSpace: Pricing

Our GST inclusive prices for setting up a hosted DSpace Repository are:

Once-off costs
Site set-up and configuration for your instance of DSpace, with default settings $1200
Recurrent costs
Annual hosting fee $2200

Document storage: two options:

* Additional annual fee for storage in AWS S3 bucket (Asia/Pacific Sydney data centre)
   Up to 1TB storage included in the annual hosting fee (usage based)
   Usage based charges where AWS S3 charges exceed $75 in a month based on current AWS charges

* Storage in Prosentient Systems Data centre (Sydney)
   20GB storage included in annual hosting fee. 
   $900 per annum per additional 10GB





Optional services
Persistent URLs through handle.net for 5 years (handle.net fees) $USD250
One day training for up to six staff members $1100
Customisation or integration work (hourly rate) $165
Indicative cost of complex customisation and/or integration $10,000

DSpace is an open source system, meaning the software is free to anyone to download, install and use. However, we offer a fully hosted services platform for DSpace to solve the practical problems organisations have in actually deploying the DSpace repository. 

If you require more custom configurations, such as changes to the interface, additional metadata, customised workflow or additional integration, we can undertake this work at our usual customisation and integration hourly rate. This includes workshopping requirements with the client, designing, prototyping, testing and implementing.

We recommend utilising handle.net's services for one-off registration for persistent URL's. This leaves the option of eventually running Dspace internally in your own institution open, without having to adjust any links to your documents.