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 The Prosentient Document Delivery System provide scalable platform for end-to-end workflow management document delivery requests.  It has the following components:

  • A discovery platform for the union list of holdings across participating libraries
  • A patron (client) management module to allow client-facing requests
  • Fee free and fee-based interlibrary-loan processing between participating and external libraries
  • A discovery platform that can harvest library collections and search for resources in other document sources (such as PubMed).  It can index physical (book etc), electronic and article content.
  • A document delivery platform that allows the workflow processing of document delivery requests end-to-end
  • The option for participating libraries to provide a client-facing document request interface
  • Secure electronic resource delivery with timed expiry of documents supplied.
  • Statistical reporting on requests
  • Optional fulfillment through integrated PAYG article requests (e.g., through Subito)

Platform model


Existing track record in document delivery systems

Prosentient System has already been providing library-to-library document delivery solutions in our GratisNet/GLASS/GLIN/ALIES/LILLI networks for over 20years.  Our new document delivery solution extends this to a full document delivery workflow, including both fee free and chargeable supply.  This is complemented by a deep search database, a full delivery tracking workflow, reporting and options for the library to enable and manage client-facing document delivery requests.

We have been developing our own Artificial Intelligence enhanced Discovery Service over the last year that indexes across all our Koha and DSpace collections (code name HOARDS - Hybrid Open Access and Resource Delivery System).  It can also search other services, such as Pub Med.  We are also integrating into it a pay-per-use function to allow the client to select articles (e.g., from PubMed) and create a purchase/ILL request that goes to the participating library.

We have completed a first phase of integration of the document delivery with our discovery systems.   The idea of this service is to give build a discovery system that can integrate with document delivery (articles/books) and PAYG payment for items through PubMed and other services. The client would raise a request which is vetted by the library to go to either document delivery or fulfilled by a PAYG if available.  We will give a monthly invoice for PAYG fulfillments.

The system provides the library:

  • Search and discovery of items  across the union list
  • Document request and document delivery fulfillment workflow between collaborating libraries with the ability to email requests to non-member libraries.
  • Z39.50 search services across the union list

The library can optionally also enable direct client-facing requests with a client management interface.  Integration with client-based document delivery systems is possible but will be a chargeable integration.


Union List and HOARDS discovery

Participating libraries will be able to upload their collection to the HOARDS discovery services.  This will provide an integrated search service for items in the union list.  Existing Prosentient Koha clients will be automatically harvested. OAI/PMH and MARC upload will be possible for other participating libraries.

Example of the client request workflow

Participating libraries have the option of making the service client-facing.  They can manage the registration process for their clients.  Clients can request articles/books.  The library can supply through the inter-library loan process or by direct PAYG article supply.




The system integrates with our exsting Inter-Loans networks: Gratisnet, GLASS, Q-Share, LILLI and ALIES.