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How do I configure the StandaloneLMS program?

Open up the StandaloneLMS program and access the configuration screen to input the following information to configure the program for your library. (If you do not remember how to access the configuration screen just ask.)

Koha Staff Client Web Address: This is the address for your Koha staff client, and usually has the word admin in the beginning. You do not need to input the "http://"

Koha Admin User & Koha Admin: These fields are for the username and password of the account used for the staff client. It must be an account with access to the staff client and Circulation permissions.

Loan Interval in Days: Because the StandaloneLMS client doesn't have access to the entirety of your Koha system, a default standard loan period must be input here.

Koha Branch: Select the branch this Self checkout terminal is located at from the dropdown list of branch codes.

If you use a proxy server contact us so we can help you configure those settings.

Save button at the bottom of the screen saves the configuration settings.

Update button synchronizes the local database with your main Koha setup (useful if there's been an interruption in the connection).

Compact button cleans up the local database files stored on the self-checkout machine.

Close button closes the configuration screen.

Before using the StandaloneLMS client the first time you will need to run a Full Build using the button at the bottom of the configuration screen. Click the button and then contact us to get the release code. Once you input the code and click OK, a simplified local copy of your database will be created on the computer the client is installed on (this is the data from step 7 of the Standalone LMS installation guide.

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