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issues.intersearch is a site dedicated to responding to issues and bugs that may have come up on a system. To register for an account, go it

The login screen for issues.intersearch

Signing up for a new account first involves giving a username and email. Ideally your username should be your first name . your last name. 
The screen for signing up to issues.intersearch

Once you have done this, you should receive an email from mantis BT regarding the verification of your account information. Click on the link and you should be taken to this screen:
Clicking on the link in your email to enter further account information.

You will need to be assigned to a group related to the services you are being provided before you can post issues. This should happen automatically. 

You can reset your password at any time by clicking on the lost your password link. You will need to re - enter your username and email and the site will send another link to the email you entered, sending you to a screen the same as the one above. You can then login again. You should be taken to a screen that looks something like this:

The screen you should see once you have been logged in.

You can now submit issues if you encounter them while using your service. You will notice an additional option, 'report issue', under 'view issues', once you have been assigned to a group. 

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