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Forwarding Requests to another library

In some cases, your library may not be able to fulfill an Inter-Library Loan request.  Where that request is recieved via Email.  This FAQ guildes you through the process of electronically forwarding your request to the next library with holdings.

When your library receives an Inter-Library Loan request by email, this email request will contain in the COMMENTS area of the request a link which you can click on our paste into a browser to forward this request to the next library with holdings

If you cannot supply, please use this URL: http://there_will_be_a_link_you_can_click_on

When you activate this link, you may be required to log into Inter-Search with your normal login.  You will then be presented with a request forwarding below.   Please follow the forwarding sequence requested by the requesting library where possible.  The library specified in "New library to supply" will receive a forwarded email request and the requesting library will also recieve an email indicating that you have forwarded this request on. 

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