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Can I add to - or update - my library holdings?

You can update your profile of journal holdings at any time you like.  It is quite easy to import holdings from a spreadsheet or from other sources.


The easiest way is to create a text file or spreadsheet with the at least following three columns with a TAB character between each column:
 Journal Title

The study of science 9553-2223 (8)3 2003 - (9)3 2009

If you don't have an ISSN, leave the column empty (but still put the tab in)

If you have a spreadsheet programme like EXCEL you can copy & paste from the spreadsheet columns directly into the input box. For larger holdings, save the spreadsheet as tab-delimited.

Once you have created this file, just open it and copy all the information and paste it into the text box in GratisNet or use the file upload option for very large journal lists (if the file is 60,000 characters long).

You will get an error report where ISSN or Title have not been matched.  Journal entries will be auto-created were
no existing entry can be found.

Have a look at the more detailed FAQ:

You can repeat this process to update your holdings in the future.

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