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How do I add new Journal titles

You can add new titles to the system either one-at-a-time, by subscribing to an e-journal collection or by bulk update of your journals.




1.  Search for the journal title and ISSN to make sure it is not already on the Gratisnet database.

2.  Click on ‘Administration’ from the left side buttons and then on the next page, select ‘Journals’.  In the top right hand corner, click on the ‘Recommend a New Title’ underlined link.  Fill out the form with as much information as you have - especially ISSN if possible.

The new title details or amendments can be made and an email will be sent to the National New Titles Co-ordinator.  This title will be available for immediate use, but the details may be verified or updated by the Titles Co-ordinator. 

Please note: the terms CONTINUED and CONTINUED BY are represented as the most likely statements to be used, however, the following should replace these terms if necessary: MERGER OF, MERGED WITH, SPLIT INTO, SEPARATED FROM, ABSORBED, ABSORBED BY



You can use the "update holdings" link in the Administration page to add many titles with their holdings at once.  The system will check for new title additions by matching on ISSN/Title and where necessary add these journals.

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