David Cook

David started at Prosentient Systems as a systems librarian in January 2012. With a library career stretching back to 2006, he has worked in various academic and special libraries providing circulation, serials management, cataloguing, project management, legal research, data migration, and LMS management services. Since 2012, he has supported and developed the open source software applications Koha and DSpace as well as several closed source applications for the New South Wales government. David also has worked on Koha projects for the National Library of Sweden and Stockholm University Library. In addition to the work he does for clients, he also contributes patches upstream to open source projects such as Koha, DSpace, NRPE, perlrdf, and more.

Specialising in software engineering, David is an enthusiastic problem-solver and is always keen to research, experiment, and learn in order to provide the best results for clients and fellow users of open source software.