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Prosentient Systems has a reputation for high quality support and efficient processes of communication to handle requests and issues.

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We encourage clients to document any issues with our applications or services through this system, as it helps us provide a quicker response and keep a reliable record for issues that require followup. This way we can record, assign and update all support requests from the time notified until marked as resolved. You will also be able to review and update your current and closed requests at any time.

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About Interdocs

Interdocs is an intranet application used by registered clients/ patrons to request and track requested journal articles, books, multimedia, research or other inter-library loan requests from and to your library, and track its fulfillment status.
Interdocs is a specialised document delivery system developed by Prosentient Systems to provide the full workflow management of your document delivery service, including journals, books and other resources.

It has a client submission interface, self registration and integration with Koha and our Interlibrary loans services.

How does it work?

  • When a request is made for an item not held by the library, the workflow is handled by the document delivery module.
  • If the library has an inter-library loans agreement with another library or libraries, the document delivery module is used to raise, receive, process, track and report on Inter-library loan requests.
  • It also provides the functionality for the librarian to process the request. This includes the ability to recognise and manage clients, review and process their requests, create and manage inter-library loans suppliers, review and process requests from other libraries and generate management reports and statistics.

Interdocs integrates closely with our inter-library loan networks: GratisNet, GLASS, QShare, LILLI, q-LILLI, Tranzinfo and ALIES. Requests can also be placed thorugh other inter-library loan networks.

When Interdocs and Interloans are used together, patrons are are presented with a unified catalogue of journal holdings from participating libraries.

Additionally, if Interdocs is being used in conjunction with the Koha LMS, single sign-on is supported through Koha and book loans can be tracked through Koha's circulation system.

Who We Are

We are an IT company that builds, integrates and manages efficient and sustainable systems. We innovate in functionality, design and building technology according to the client needs and preferences. Assist and advice clients with all levels of technology expertise. Use the best available open source components and our own integration systems to create well-rounded solutions.

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