Dairy Australia has chosen the DSpace open-source digital library solution hosted by Prosentient Solutions for its library of print and electronic publications.

Dairy Australia is the national services body for dairy farmers and the industry and is funded by levy. Its role is to help farmers adapt to a changing operating environment, and achieve a profitable, sustainable dairy industry.

Dairy Australia conducts R&D throughout the dairy supply chain, identifying the opportunities that give farmers and the industry the best return-on-investment. It works with government and other industry partners to generate cost efficiencies and leverage knowledge, including from its own research in areas such as business practice and resource management.
Dairy Australia produces a range of practical publications to assist farmers and other industry stakeholders.  Its Library houses a unique collection of key dairy industry works (in print and electronic format), reference materials, dairy history, dairy science and technology, agricultural science, farm management, economics and trade, market intelligence and research content. 
The library provides a range of information services and resources for clients who are members of the dairy industry.  Members of the public such as consumers, students, and job seekers are also able to access and download information directly from the Dairy Australia publications page on the website.

Case Studies

Koha, Interdocs and GratisNet in Northern Territory Health

The Northern Territory’s Health Library Network signed up for Prosentient System’s document delivery system and were impressed with the after sales service.  “We found Edmund to be very good to work with” explained Resources Management Librarian, Ruby Lindberg.  “No matter how many times we rang he was always patient and helpful.  After sales service and support is very important to us because we don’t have the technical in-house knowledge of the applications to do it ourselves”.  Their good experience with Interdocs soon led the library to join GratisNet, and then to take up the hosted Koha Library Management System.

DSpace: Australian Open Access Support Group

In this case study published by the Australian Open Access Support Group, Gemma Siemensma, Library Manager at Ballarat Health Services, describes the thinking and processes behind the introduction of their DSpace repository

Koha and DSpace in the NSW Parliamentary Library

When the Parliamentary Library of New South Wales began using Koha as its Library Management system and DSpace as its digital repository, the staff didn't do so to make a political statement about the viability of open source software. “This was just the software that fulfilled our requirements,” said Deborah Brown, Parliament’s chief librarian.

While having a physical collection, NSW Parliament library's lifeblood is digitized news media. Through their parliamentary copyright exemption they reproduce and store dozens of articles each day for the use of the Members of Parliament (and their staff) who make up their user base.

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