Interloans FAQ

You can update your profile of journal holdings at any time you like.  It is quite easy to import holdings from a spreadsheet or from other sources.

Uploading holdings

The easiest way is to create a text file or spreadsheet with the at least following three columns with a TAB character between each column:

  •  Journal Title
  •  ISSN
  •  Holdings

eg: The study of science 9553-2223 (8)3 2003 - (9)3 2009

If you don't have an ISSN, leave the column empty (but still put the tab in)

If you have a spreadsheet programme like EXCEL you can copy & paste from the spreadsheet columns directly into the input box. For larger holdings, save the spreadsheet as tab-delimited.

Once you have created this file, just open it and copy all the information and paste it into the text box in GratisNet or use the file upload option for very large journal lists (if the file is 60,000 characters long).

You will get an error report where ISSN or Title have not been matched.  Journal entries will be auto-created where no existing entry can be found.

Have a look at the documentation for more detailed formation.

You can repeat this process to update your holdings in the future.

You can manage all your library details by updating your Interloans profile.   You can also mark your library as temporarily closed during holidays and other occasions. 

In order to update your profile, take the following steps.

  • Log on to your Interloans system
  • Click the HOME button
  • Scroll down and look for the "Edit my library details" link.  Click this link
  • Your library should appear in the list.  Click on the Edit button to the
     right-hand side of the library list.

 Your library details will be displayed.  You can change your library details here, set up your email contacts and show temporary closure times.

See your online manual for more details or  read this.

Single title addition

1.  Search for the journal title and ISSN to make sure it is not already on the Gratisnet database.

2.  Click on ‘Administration’ from the left side buttons and then on the next page, select ‘Journals’.  In the top right hand corner, click on the ‘Recommend a New Title’ underlined link.  Fill out the form with as much information as you have - especially ISSN if possible.

The new title details or amendments can be made and an email will be sent to the National New Titles Co-ordinator.  This title will be available for immediate use, but the details may be verified or updated by the Titles Co-ordinator. 

Please note: the terms CONTINUED and CONTINUED BY are represented as the most likely statements to be used, however, the following should replace these terms if necessary: MERGER OF, MERGED WITH, SPLIT INTO, SEPARATED FROM, ABSORBED, ABSORBED BY

Multiple title addition

You can use the "update holdings" link in the Administration page to add many titles with their holdings at once.  The system will check for new title additions by matching on ISSN/Title and where necessary add these journals.

In some cases, your library may not be able to fulfil an Inter-library Loan request.  Where that request is received via email.  This FAQ guides you through the process of electronically forwarding your request to the next library with holdings.

When your library receives an Inter-library loan request by email, this email request will contain a link in the COMMENTS area which you can click on or paste into a browser to forward to the next library with holdings

If you cannot supply, please use this URL: http://there_will_be_a_link_you_can_click_on

When you activate this link, you may be required to log into Interloans with your normal log-in.  You will then be presented with the request forwarding dialogue shown below.   Please follow the forwarding sequence requested by the requesting library where possible.  The library specified in "New library to supply" will receive a forwarded email request and the requesting library will also recieve an email indicating that you have forwarded this request on. 

Interloans networks are independently managed by the libraries in the network.  They have co-ordinators and committees responsible for membership.  Please review the contacts pages in each network for membership details.

Click on the Networks menu to see all of the Interloans networks and the Sites menu to see the participating libraries.

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